About Us

Pasand is an exciting range of premium quality food products. We have an enticing basket of pickles and chutneys. 

Pasand pickles & chutneys are a superior quality fruit and vegetable products with high shelf life manufactured under stringent protocols of hygiene and safety. 

Pasand pickles & chutneys are hand crafted gourmet recipes made with the finest ingredients and utmost care.  

The authentic formulations are a tribute to the highest culinary traditions and appeal to everyone equally. Quality, originality and taste are at the core of its process.  The richness of the products bring ultimate epicurean delight to pickle patrons and connoisseurs.  

The foodie will experience the irresistible blend of ethnicity and avant-gardism in these quintessential condiments. The sheer range and diversity has the power to uplift the mood of the soul and to enhance the taste of a meal any time of the day.