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Gut Feeling



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Net Weight : 340g 

Ordinarily a sweet & spicy mango pickle.

But if you were to close your eyes for a moment and reminisce back to the ancestral house kitchen porch which during summers turned into an inviting food research lab, you would be surprised to find the same flavors in Pasand Gorkeri. Using good quality jaggery as quintessential characteristic ingredient is the foundation of the traditional Pasand gorkeri. With a quality that can’t be reproduced by even top artisanal chefs or professional homemakers, this authentic formulation is a tribute to the Gujarati culture. For the ordinary its a sweet & spicy mango pickle with the spices that infuse an aroma that commercially sold spices don’t render. The crunchy mango piece shall gleefully get crushed under the grinding teeth before the mind even registers its taste inside. . 

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