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Green chilli pickle

Green chilli pickle

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Pasand green chilli pickle is basically a hot pickle in pure sense. The careful selection of green chilli variety plays a determinate role in ensuring the reins of hotness are in the hands and not getting out of control for the eyes and hands to scramble for water to quench the burning mouth. During winters each incoming chilli lot is thoroughly inspected & analyzed for quality with regards to the heat value of capsaicin content, the compound that imparts hotness to chillies. The uniformly sliced green chillies are basically of a delightful quality with consistent crunchiness without the inedible portions of stalks and stems. Mustard and fenugreek together ensure the spices together with the hotness perform a gingerly tango on the taste buds. An optimal use of fresh edible oil and vinegar help in the pickling to preserve the home made recipe to last till the summers and even monsoon.

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