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Gut Feeling

Khaman Gunda

Khaman Gunda

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The gunda (gumberry) is the Indian answer to the ubiquitous olive. Referred as ,snotty gobbles or Indian cherry in English it has many regional names : लसोड़ा (lasoda), टेंटी (tenti), डेला (dela), or gunda in Hindi, ਨਸੂੜੇ (lasoore) in Punjabi; गुंदा (gunda) in Gujarati; भोकर (bhokar) in Marathi; challe hannu  ಚಳ್ಳೆ ಹಣ್ಣು in Kannada  and బంకనక్కర (Bankanakkera) in Telugu. The individual berries are meticulously separated from the stalks. Equally laborious is the removal of seeds after a careful slit on the body to allow create a cozy room inside. Finally everything is surpassed by ardent conceiving of the interior with the spices and mango shreds to capture the gust of the tradition into a minuscule world of the spiced gum-berry. 

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